so i am going to lose weight.
CW: 198
UGW: 150

GW1: 190 Reward: Hair cut
GW2: 175 Reward: ?
GW3: 160 Reward: Tattoo
UGW: 150 Reward: Clothes!

tech audition, girlfriend dramz, privacy issues.
i auditioned at texas tech on saturday. keeping my fingers crossed. i had to play all 12 scales as well as sight reading. i REALLY want to get in. when i'm there, i'm just so happy.

we are fighting ALL the time. i hate being away. we're both sexually frustrated to the point of not being able to speak about it. i saw her over the weekend, and everything is fine then.
but when we're separate, nothing good ever happens.

while i'm gone, my entire family is in and out of my room. my drawers have been gone through, closets opened, belongings rummaged through.
it's quite irritating. i don't know what to do about it though =\

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made all-state. woot woot! 5th chair in the state =)

str-essing about my audition. my clarinet got a huge crack in the upper joint, right in the keys. having to use a crappy replacement. crappy replacement is crappy.

so charles beat the shit out of me. and did not get punished. i still have a crack in my fucking bone. but he just got a car. =/

i'm missing melina a lot. but the family's getting better about her. we slept on the same bed in our hotel room. pretty nice. she actually got me a bouquet for valentine's day. she's so silly.

my head is killing me. i'm not sure if it's all the bleach or stress or what. i just want to go to bed, cuddle with my girlfriend, and sleep.

all-state is wednesday.
i'm not even comfortable reading through the two songs i was given.
i've played my etudes maybe three times since january.
oh god.
i'm going to die =(
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yeah, it's been forever since i posted. i have been BUSY as crap. thanksgiving was a nightmare. christmas was worse. new year's was ok. it was odd, the first year ever we didn't do something at least for it.
i made all-state. 3rd in area. woo. got accepted into texas tech. woo. i have an audition next month. feb. 27. happy birthday, me =/
me and charles just got into the biggest fight ever. he's an idiot. an immature, spiteful, sadistic idiot. i'm actually bleeding.
i really just need alone time now.

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 i can't ever remember to post here.
hmm hmm. my stupid classes didn't work out the way they should have. 
college courses are boring. and stupid. and boring.

i got mu alpha theta sweetheart. i'ma ride on my van in the parade =) i'm so in fucking love, haha. melina's coming down friday night and staying the weekend. 
that's it for now. i can't think.

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seriously, i get on. i just never post.
let's see.
melina's moving away soon. too soon. i'm going to cry like every damn day that she's gone =(
I dyed my hair. Dyeing it again Monday. Not blonde enough for me.
I'm on my period. And i HATE not being on birth control. My cramps are so bad. I can't function like this.
We started summer band. I'm teaching lessons and actually taught sectionals for one day and part of another. I'm pretty proud of myself.
I'm getting better at reading Tarot.
I secretly have a crush on another girl. I can't tell Melina because she'd freak the fuck out and like. Be emo all the time.
I'm tired all the time.
My best friend is turning into an alcholic and ruining her life. I was going to tell her this, but then her boyfriend told her that exactly and now she hasn't talked to him in three weeks. I'm going to have to approach it differently.
I'm gonna go watch Sabado Gigante now.

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it's been so long since i've written here. i've been sooo busy and done so much.
i'm not even sure where to start.
i went to band camp last week and it was AWESOME.
i made the second band and was told that if i had played the advanced music (i tried out on beginner because i hadn't practiced in a month) i would have made top band.
but that's ok. i met a lot of cool people, teachers and friends.
i consider it one of the best musical experiences of my life.
loved it.

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Yay! I celebrated my one year anniversary with my beautiful partner June 6!
We actually aren't sure if that's our anniversary because....well, we're both dorks who forget things like that. Anyway, we were in Florida, at Disneyworld, during gay pride. Neither of us are gay, but we're in a homo relationship so we celebrated anway. We saw tons of other dykes, fags, queers, what have you. It was very, very fun!
The trip wasn't for us, though. We were on a band trip. We actually had a concert for Disney Magic Music Days and did a workshop that will be on tv in August! Whoo! We also went to Universal Studios and saw the Blue Man group. It was awesome! I was laughing and amazed the entire time.

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I am in Florida. I will be back Monday night.
It has sucked.
Go Owls.


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